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Employment Law News

Is an employee who is fairly dismissed for theft nonetheless entitled to notice pay? In a baffling decision, a tribunal decided that an employee could not be dismissed summarily for stealing if there was no term in the employment contract entitling the employer to dismiss without notice.

Is a company is entitled to bring a claim of discrimination because of the protected characteristic of a person associated with it? Yes, held the EAT, upholding a claim by a solicitor providing his services to the respondent through his own service company. 

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that time spent travelling from home to the first customer, and from the last customer of the day back home, counts as 'working time' under the Working Time Directive for employees who do not have a fixed or habitual workplace. 

Who would have thought that a judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) about the height at which electricity meters were positioned in a town in Bulgaria could have profound implications for indirect discrimination in UK workplaces? 

The ability of an individual to require their employer to provide details of the personal data held about them is regarded by the Information Commissioner as a “fundamental right”. But these requests are often used as a tool in disputes between employers and employees and employers will usually agree to comply with requests because of the risk that refusal to comply will breach the Data Protection Act.