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Ending Employment

The risk of a tribunal claim is one of the biggest concerns for many small businesses. A claim can be costly, demoralising, and affect performance and staff retention. Some employers are deterred from hiring staff or confronting employees about poor performance or absence because of the fear of being taken to tribunal.

We can deploy knowledge gained from many years’ experience of representing business clients in tribunal to help ensure that ending employment is run as smoothly as possible and to put clients in the strongest position possible to defend tribunal claims

We can help by:

  • explaining your potential liability when a claim is made;
  • assisting you put together the most effective defence;
  • negotiating settlements to avoid incurring costs and lost management time;
  • effective representation of your business in the tribunal 

Use us to deal effectively and sensitively with:

  • discipline and dismissals;
  • redundancy;
  • compromise agreements;
  • tribunal claims