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Employment Law News

The use of an age-specific nickname for an employee can amount to harassment on grounds of age if it has the effect of creating a degrading, humiliating or offensive work environment for that employee, even if there is no intention to do that.

Investigating those allegations will be time consuming and can divert the employer’s resources. Inevitably, there will be some resentment at having to deal with allegations that the employer believes are irrational or which put an intolerable strain on the relationship with the employee.

Last week's report on the BBC news website that, after a two-year dispute, female British Airways cabin crew had won the right to wear trousers, reversing part of BA’s dress code, justifies a review of the legal risks for employers who operate dress codes in the workplace.

Can a prospective employer be liable for disability discrimination by relying on a discriminatory reference to withdraw a job offer? Yes, according to the following decision which shows the potential adverse consequences for employers and prospective employers when a job offer is withdrawn as a result of a negative reference motivated by the applicant’s disability related absences.

In a decision which demonstrates the low threshold for claimants who bring claims for discrimination arising from disability, an employee who was dismissed because her employer genuinely, albeit mistakenly, believed that she was falsely claiming to be ill suffered discrimination arising from disability.