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Employment Law News

Can the failure to investigate a false and invented grievance amount to discrimination?Not on the facts of the next case.

Contract cleaners at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who complained to the Foreign Secretary about their low levels of pay are allegedly under threat of the sack by the cleaning company that employs them for “bringing the contract into disrepute”.

An employment tribunal rejected an employee’s claim that he was unfairly dismissed after he was caught making a public appearance as a medium while on sick leave. At the time of his dismissal, the Claimant had worked for his employer for more than 30 years and had an unblemished disciplinary record. 

HR departments are routinely involved in disciplinary investigations. But how much involvement and influence can HR legitimately have in such matters? In the next case, the EAT decided that a disciplinary investigation that had been heavily influenced by HR resulted in an employee's dismissal being rendered unfair.

In a decision that could have important implications for UK employers which share employees’ personal data with US parent companies, the European Court has declared the EU-US Safe Harbor regime invalid.