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Statistics for First Quarter of ACAS Early Conciliation Published

Posted by TonyBrownEmploymentSolicitor on September 15, 2014

Earlier this year, the law changed and early conciliation (EC) via ACAS became mandatory for anyone wanting to make an employment tribunal claim. 

ACAS has released statistics for the first quarter of EC showing that:
• there were approximately 17000 requests for EC but only 3% came from the employer as opposed to the employee
• just 7% of employees and 9% of employers chose not to take part in EC
• 16.5% of cases resulted in settlement
• another19% of employees told ACAS that they had decided not to pursue a claim after EC


It is difficult to assess the impact of EC on the number of tribunal claims because data for the number of claims issued in the equivalent period has not yet been published. However, the statistics from ACAS suggest that many individuals who commence EC will not actually bring a claim anyway.

The introduction of tribunal fees is in 2013 has been cited as the main cause for the fall in claims.