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What Bath Employment Law does

We give practical, cost effective and responsive advice on all aspects of the employment relationship enabling employers to recruit, retain and manage an effective and motivated workforce. 

We can also supply all the documents employers need to manage their employees legally and effectively and help them apply any document to their specific circumstances. Our documents are always up-to-date, and written in a style that is easy to understand.

We also provide our clients with up-to-the-minute thinking on the latest employment law developments enabling them to anticipate and avoid problems.

In particular, we can help with the legal issues involved with:

Using us will benefit you by:

  • ensuring you are always compliant with employment law legislation;
  • giving you access to practical and affordable advice on specific workforce issues;
  • making available the employment documentation you require to manage your employees; and
  • assisting you to manage and resolve workplace issues with minimum impact on your business